Do you want to make changes to your life?

If you’re looking for:

  • Career satisfaction
  • Creating abundance
  • Developing fulfilling relationships
  • Seeking better health and well being
  • Finding deeper meaning, purpose or balance in your life

Then you might benefit from life coaching

Caro helps her clients live on purpose by partnering with them using her unique approach “The 3Cs to Living the Life of your Dreams”.

If you’re ready to commit to take the necessary steps to make your dreams happen, contact Caro for details about private coaching sessions.


"With Carolina’s help, I was able to find the courage and confidence to leave a career I didn’t enjoy to pursue my passion in the creative field. She guided me by asking the right questions and offering words of wisdom and support when I needed them. I feel full of hope for the future!”
Isabelle - (New York )

"Carolina has wonderfully perceptive insight which has helped me to shift my perspective and ultimately to feel comfortable, even excited, about embracing the change I have been wanting and looking for."
Michele - (Portland )

"Carolina helped me realize that I needed to refocus my energy on working on myself in order to improve my relationship with my husband rather than expecting him to change. When I shifted my energy, without even saying a word, he starting to change. We are finally a happy team again!"
Pati - (San Francisco )

"For years, the stress in my life prompted severe episodes of back pain. After a few sessions of coaching, my physical pain has greatly diminished. I’ve been working on re-programming years of conditioning where my thoughts were governed by fear and anxiety. I am now filled with confidence and well-being. Thank you Carolina!"
Cindy - (Montreal )